The Many Benefits of Teen Youth Groups

Benefits of Teen Youth Groups

Teen youth groups offered through your church are a great way to get your teenager more involved in your church & faith. They also offer a great outlet for young impressionable minds and enable your teen to explore their faith with peers their own age and from their similar perspectives. And not only are teen youth groups great for the teens involved, but they are also great ways for a church to give back to the community and help promote safe religion-related activities. This can help to cut down on teenage partying and involvement with drugs and alcohol. But the many benefits of teenage youth groups through the church don’t stop there. There are many more benefits as well!

  • Mentorship
  • Strengthen Faith In Your Religion
  • Helps Build Relationship With Your Church
  • Positive Activities
  • Involvement In The Community
  • More Likely To Embrace Faith As They Get Older

Explore Teen Youth Group Offering At Your Church

Mentorship is probably one of the highlights of encouraging your teen to participate in your church’s youth group. Having strong, positive role models outside of your family and home can help teenagers when navigating through the influential adolescent years. And having someone they can identify with to learn and explore your church’s ministries with is also very healthy and positive for your teen. Involvement in church-based teen youth groups also helps to strengthen your teens’ relationship with your church and helps to promote continued religious practice into their adult years. Not to mention the many different relationships within the group that can blossom because of group involvement.

In the end, it is extremely worth it for both you and your teenager to have them look into joining your church’s teen youth group. Should your church not have a teen group in place it may be a good idea to talk with other parents & teens along with your pastor and those that run the church. Maybe you can help to implement a new teen youth group program. This also allows you more outreach in the community and to possibly attract new church members to share in your faith & religion. You can always check out other local churches in your area and see what their teen youth offerings consist of. This can help you to get your program started and to structure it according to those that have proved successful.

The Many Benefits of Teen Youth Groups

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